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Miss Jennings equips students with the essential tools and mindset to excel in reading!

Many students have benefited from her instruction. Here are some testimonials from parents!

Wiselaure Ettiene, FL

"My daughter enjoyed and benefited greatly from her summertime study with Miss Jennings. Miss Jennings shows a sincere desire to support individual learning requirements while cultivating a love of reading. She taught using imaginative and captivating techniques, adjusting the lessons to my daughter's unique needs and strengths. Her reading abilities were enhanced by her encouragement and assistance, which also increased her confidence and zeal for learning. All in all, it was a worthwhile and pleasurable learning opportunity."
These are the stars of a 5-star rating that Miss Jennings received.

Erline Romulus, FL

 "My son Jayce liked reading sessions with Miss Jennings. He says it's because they are fun and he learns a lot."."
These are the stars of a 5-star rating that Miss Jennings received.

Shekenna Tervil, FL

 "Ms. Jennings is a God-send! Her sweet spirit, and charismatic attitude towards both her students and parents were just a few traits that allowed her light to shine to both my family and I. We always struggled to teach Ava to read simply because we did not know where to begin. Ms. Jennings not only gave us tools and resources to properly assist our daughter, but aside from her relentless efforts to ensure the success of our daughter in the classroom, she also offered tutor services outside of the classroom. She would set aside time from her busy schedule just to ensure the success of our baby girl. During the summer she worked with Ava weekly to ensure she stayed on reading level. Ava is now surpassing her reading expectations in 1st grade as she is a honor roll student. Thank you, Ms. Jennings, for allowing God to use you as a vessel for his babies! We pray our Father continues to establish the work of your hands and keep you. "
These are the stars of a 5-star rating that Miss Jennings received.


Miss Jennings is now offering online reading lessons!

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The main difference between in-person tutoring and online tutoring is that in-person classes require students to travel to a physical classroom at a scheduled time, while online classes involve all coursework and engagement happening virtually through digital platforms, from the comfort of one's home. Miss Jennings' high energy is known to captivate her students' interest for the entire duration of the lesson.


The benefits of virtual tutoring include:


  • flexibility

  • self-paced learning

  • technological integration

  • early preparation for higher education

  • saving on transportation costs


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